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Drawer Repair/Replacement; Hardware Replacement

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Drawer/Hardware Repair & Replacement

Above is a before and after picture of a drawer box repair and hardware replacement. The top drawer shows the original slide hardware and a drawer box in need of replacement. The bottom two drawers show our rebuilt drawer boxes with strong dovetail construction, and heavy-duty ball-bearing slides that will provide years of trouble free use. Note that we have saved and reused the original drawer fronts in rebuilding the new boxes, so your drawers will continue to match the other woodwork.

Drawers carry a lot of weight and take a lot of abuse. We can repair and rebuild your drawers or pull-out shelves and/or replace noisy or wornout hardware to give your kitchen or bathroom drawers new life. 

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Broken Drawers or Hardware a Problem?
See our gallery of drawer repairs & replacements below.


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