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Product Details
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Custom Fit 

Our roll-outs are designed and built to maximize the interior space of your cabinets. Some companies offer only standardized sizes for their roll-outs, costing their customers valuable storage space. Because all of our units are built to order, we can offer many specialized options that other companies cannot, such as: variable-sized sides, custom-cutting around plumbing and obstacles, and specially designed units for spices, tupperware, pan lids, baking sheets, etc.

Inaccessible lower cabinets are a pain in the neck, back, and knees. Fifty percent of all lower cabinets and pantry shelves are innaccessible, requiring you to bend or get down on your knees and move items out of the cabinet to reach what's in back. With Custom Roll-Outs you will gain usable storage space, increase the value of your home, and spare your back and your knees in the process.


Solid 1/2" all wood construction. All of our roll-outs are sanded and given a three-coat laquer finish for extra beauty and durability. We use dovetail joinery which insures a stronger, longer lasting product. Ball-bearing full extension slide units: our slide units are the best in the industry. Our standard shelves can handle up to 100 lbs. when fully extended, but higher weight-bearing slide units are used when called for.


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